• We are

    A Diverse and Inclusive Community

  • We develop

    Intellectual Courage

  • We embrace

    Global Citizenship

  • We pursue

    Academic Excellence

  • We teach

    Social Responsibility

Welcome to University Prep!

Today is a White day
TueMar 3 Board Executive Committee meeting
TueMar 3 Board Trusteeship and Governance Committee meeting
WedMar 4 Facilities Committee Meeting

March 2-6

MONDAY: Chicken Marsala   Egg Noodles   Green Beans   Red Potatotes

TUESDAY: Pork Loin   Rice     Peppers, Broccoli and Cabbage  Egg Rolls

WEDNESDAY:  Breakfast for lunch!

THURSDAY:  Grilled Cheese    Chili



Register your student’s account at www.ezschoolpay.com. It’s easy to track the balance, receive payment reminders, and fund the account. Use your student’s PIN to register. Don’t know the PIN? Just ask your student or contact the Commons Café: kbaber@universityprep.org 


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