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UPrep's  Middle School Digital Citizenship Curriculum
Jeff Tillinghast, Director of Academic Technology

Tuesday was the launch of a new Digital Citizenship curriculum in the Middle School, and advisory groups were taking on the challenge of what it means to be a responsible citizen online.

Ten Things to Keep in Mind with Upcoming Admission Season
Kathy Mitchell O'Neal, Director of Enrollment Management

1.            Approach this process with a positive attitude, because this is an exciting time in your student’s life. Assure your child that they will attend a great school next year!

Raising Digital Citizens
Matt Levinson, Head of School

University Prep takes a proactive, prosocial approach to teaching students how to be responsible digital citizens within the learning and context of each class. Our teachers seize opportunities to engage with students about appropriate use, how to develop a critical eye when navigating the Internet, how much to share, what and when to post, and how to live in and engage in a community.  

Seattle Startup Week -- UPrep Students, This Is for You!
Allison Bunker '18

This year, I have helped to organize three events for Seattle Startup Week targeting a middle and high school youth audience. Students will have the opportunity to connect with Washington's biggest CEOs, and other like-minded peers, while getting a unique taste of Seattle’s start-up culture. 

Puma Fund Launch Today!
The Puma Fund Co-Chairs

Today is the official launch of the Puma Fund campaign! The UPrep faculty and staff have already reached 100% participation, and we hope you will also join in this community-wide effort.

What Happens During Community Time?
Richard Kassissieh

What does it mean to be "in community?" Students are more than individuals when they attend school. They experience each school day in interaction with the people around them. Peers and adults both share and shape each moment of the school day. Shared moments reinforce students' memories of the events and expose them to diversity of thought. Community becomes defined by moments experienced with diverse groups of people.