Parent Council

University Prep partners with families to provide an exceptional education for our students, and Parent Council is an integral part of that relationship. In addition to providing a vital communication link between parents and the school, Parent Council plans and hosts many events throughout the year, including the All School BBQ, grade-level parent meetings, monthly faculty and staff lunches, baccalaureate and commencement receptions, as well as frequent parent education programs. Its signature event of the year is the annual auction, a major fundraiser and community-building event that supports vital University Prep programs.

Parent Council acts as the steering committee for the parents and guardians of all students. The council has a president, two vice presidents, a secretary, a treasurer, a past executive member, an auction chair(s), standing and ad hoc committee officers, and the head of school, who is a nonvoting member. In addition, two or three parents represent each grade level.

All parents are welcome to attend the monthly meetings of Parent Council and invited to take an active role in planning events sponsored by the council. Participation by all members of the community is encouraged and greatly appreciated. 

  • President - Brooks Romano
  • Upper School Vice President - Rebecca Butler
  • Middle School Vice President - Shelly Ogden Sage
  • Treasurer - Heather Hudson
  • Secretary - Ann Eickerman
  • Past Executive - Lynn Hall
  • 40th Anniversary Chair - Caroline Probst
  • Parent Education Chair - Christi Nagle, Priyanthi Alahendra, Bonnie Tilghman
  • Parents for the Arts Co-Chairs - Anindita Mitra, Claire Zaslove
  • Parents for Diversity and Community - Manjusha Deo, Kurt Kiefer
  • Middle School Sports Boosters Co-Chairs - Dave Higley, Wil Kilbourne
  • Upper School Sports Boosters Co-Chairs - Maya Ting, Michele Brot
  • Gardening Chair - Deborah Levy
  • 12th Grade Reps - Christy Napier, Katie Rossbach, Kim Bishop, Gail Klemencic
  • 11th Grade Reps - Nobuko Akashi-Reed, Kim Peschel, Jessica Volk
  • 10th Grade Reps - Laura Domoto, Joanna Bargeron, Grace Chang
  • 9th Grade Reps - Margie Duckstad, Tracy Pozil, Patty Morrissey
  • 8th Grade Reps - Katherine Burk, Dawn Lepore, Katie Renschler
  • 7th Grade Reps - Cheryl Hoffman Herzog, Jana Sleight, Catherine Allchin
  • 6th Grade Reps - Lisa Bontje, Mandira Virmani, Alexa Crawford