Community Manager, Asha Dean
Main Office Coordinators, Linda Smith and Debra Boyd
Division Directors' Assistant
Registrar, Emily Adams



UPrep Summer Bridge in Full Swing

UPrep's Summer Academic Bridge program is in full swing, helping students lay the foundation for a successful school year while they build relationships with fellow students and teachers.

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Campus Events

Parent Council 2017-2018

  • President – Laura Domoto
  • Upper School Vice President – Ann Eickerman
  • Middle School Vice President – Tracy Pozil
  • Treasurer – David Higley
  • Secretary – Joanna Beitel
  • Past Executive – Shelly Ogden Sage
  • Advancement Liaison – Margie Duckstad
  • Diversity and Community Katie Rossbach
  • Governance – Joanna Bargeron
  • At Large – Cheryl Hoffman Herzog
  • Parent Education – Lisa Bontje, Margaret Bolger, Liz Huehnergarth
  • Parents for the Arts Lizanne Lyons, Amely Wurmbrand, Heather Smith
  • Sports Boosters Middle School : Glenn Hampson, Miriam Marcus; Upper School: Jennifer Zell, Will Kilbourne
  • 12th Grade Reps June Arnold,Ali Piyarali, Sarah Thomas
  • 11th Grade Reps Patty Morrissey, Shannon Loftis, Elizabeth Anderson
  • 10th Grade Reps Kelly Arron, Robert Hardwick, Amy Colando
  • 9th Grade Reps Kaylene Anderson, Leigh Toner, Anju Rao
  • 8th Grade Reps Char Kletzly, Barbara Sniezek, Leora Bloom
  • 7th Grade Reps – Linda Bradshaw Labriola, Katie Renschler, Elizbeth (Liffy) Franklin
  • 6th Grade Reps – Stephanie Standifer, Jessica Fosse, Anne Clark