Peggy Orenstein Draws Large Crowd

The joint parent education event co-sponsored by University Prep and the Northwest School featuring writer best-selling author Peggy Orenstein drew a crowd of about 250 parents and guardians last night at the Northwest School.

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Campus Events

NE 80th St. - NW Bloodmobile

Parent Council 2016-2017

  • President – Laura Domoto
  • Upper School Vice President – Ann Eickerman
  • Middle School Vice President - Shelly Ogden Sage
  • Treasurer – David Higley
  • Secretary – Michelle Brot
  • Past Executive – Brooks Romano
  • Advancement Liaison - Margie Duckstad
  • Parents for Diversity and Community Manjusha Deo
  • Governance - Joanna Bargeron
  • Parent Education – Lisa Bontje, Bonnie Tilghman, Tiffany Werner
  • Parents for the Arts Anindita Mitra, Missy Stern
  • Sports Boosters Will Kilbourne, Jennifer Zell, Maya Ting, Michele Brot
  • 12th Grade Reps Nobuko Akashi-Reed, Mindy Cohen, Gloria Huang, Chris Schubert
  • 11th Grade Reps Belinda Buscher, Manisha Chainani, Kathryn Greenberg
  • 10th Grade Reps Kaylene Anderson, Kathleen Rossbach, Mandira Virmani,
  • 9th Grade Reps Kelly Arron, Joanna Beitel, Katherine Burk
  • 8th Grade Reps Robin Freeman, Sarah Pohlmann, Cydney Webster
  • 7th Grade Reps – Stephanie Standifer, Charlene Kletzly, Teresa Tippett
  • 6th Grade Reps – Alexa Crawford, Tracy Pozil, Heidi Yamada