Impact of Giving

University Prep is known for its diverse and close-knit community that works together to make exceptional things happen for our students and faculty. This spirit was evident forty years ago when our founders worked side by side to build our first classroom, and it still is today. Gifts from UPrep parents, alumni, faculty, staff and grandparents have been instrumental in shaping the landscape and culture at UPrep.

We tell our kids that a gift to the school is something we do every year because it’s a down payment on their future. And when they grow up, they will be expected to make a down payment on the future for their kids. It’s just what we do as a family. We expect it of ourselves." Geoff and Belinda Buscher, Parents of Helen and Henry

When you give, you enable students with modest means to attend our school, bringing diverse perspectives and a richer intellectual dialogue to our community. Having additional resources allows faculty and staff to enhance the educational program for every student by offering a variety of experiences that include overnight class trips, participation in nationwide conferences and competitions, and the opportunity to bring outside leaders and artists to our campus.

At UPrep we provide an education that asks students to dig deep and, every day, we as administrators, faculty, and staff ask ourselves how we can foster a culture where inspirational learning can take place. With your support we’re able to ensure that our academic program is flexible and top notch, that our community is vibrant and diverse, and that our facilities optimize the learning environment at UPrep. Thank you for your support!