Parent/Family Community

UPrep is a remarkable community to be a part of. Not only do the students build friendships that continue after graduation, parents do as well.“ Ann E., Parent of a senior and a sophomore

University Prep partners with families to create lasting relationships that provide the foundation for our inclusive community. Parents are invited to participate in our co-curricular activities, support our arts and sports programs, serve as ambassadors for the school, bake for events, and volunteer in whatever way is possible for them.

The UPrep Parent Council provides a vital communication link between families and school and acts as the steering committee for our students’ parents and guardians. It also plans and hosts many activities throughout the year that foster closer ties among all members of the community.

Parent Council 2016-2017

  • President – Laura Domoto
  • Upper School Vice President – Ann Eickerman
  • Middle School Vice President - Shelly Ogden Sage
  • Treasurer – David Higley
  • Secretary –Michelle Brot
  • Past Executive – Brooks Romano
  • Advancement Liaison - Margie Duckstad
  • Parents for Diversity and Community Manjusha Deo
  • Governance - Joanna Bargeron
  • Parent Education – Lisa Bontje, Bonnie Tilghman, Tiffany Werner
  • Parents for the Arts Anindita Mitra, Missy Stern
  • Sports Boosters Will Kilbourne, Jennifer Zell, Maya Ting, Michele Brot
  • 12th Grade Reps Nobuko Akashi-Reed, Mindy Cohen, Gloria Huang, Chris Schubert
  • 11th Grade Reps Belinda Buscher, Manisha Chainani, Kathryn Greenberg
  • 10th Grade Reps Kaylene Anderson, Kathleen Rossbach, Mandira Virmani
  • 9th Grade Reps Kelly Arron, Joanna Beitel, Katherine Burk
  • 8th Grade Reps Robin Freeman, Sarah Pohlmann, Cydney Webster
  • 7th Grade Reps – Stephanie Standifer, Charlene Kletzly, Teresa Tippett
  • 6th Grade Reps – Alexa Crawford, Tracy Pozil, Heidi Yamada