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UPrep fostered my ability to think critically while learning about the world and my place in it. I experienced seven years of subtle and grand moments that stitched together my educational and personal foundations. I learned we are part of a larger community, and it is my responsibility to support and lift those around me." –UPrep alum

UPrep's challenging academic program in an inclusive environment encourages students to grow confident. Surrounded by a diverse community of faculty, coaches, mentors, and friends on a campus intentionally designed for close connections, promising students find their voices, their passions, and their purpose during a shared journey of self-discovery.

Guided by extraordinary faculty and staff who are devoted to each student's potential, our students learn that when they are asked to explore everything, they discover they can achieve anything. Students encourage each other to discover and develop their limitless potential and learn to lead their way.

Early in a student's UPrep career, required courses provide a common experience that includes research, reading, writing, computation, presentation, and experimentation. As our students grow, the curriculum broadens to include more electives. Our electives catalog includes more than 100 courses, including Medievalism: An Arthurian Literary Study; Forensics; Data Science and Analytics; Social Justice in the Spanish-Speaking World; and many more. Our electives offerings also include Global Online Academy's extensive catalog of online courses in contemporary subjects, like Abnormal Psychology and Cyber Security.

Our Program of Study

2024–2025 Program of Study

UPrep faculty consistently review and revise the school curriculum. The result is a sophisticated, thoughtful approach to teaching and learning. Every teacher participates in an ongoing, repeated cycle of professional development focused on our students' educational experience, and innovative new courses are developed and introduced each year.

Our Academic Program

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