College Counseling

When I visited my daughter at college, I saw a young woman able to handle whatever comes her way, who knows where to turn for support, and how to move forward. Thank you, UPrep.” Parent of a recent UPrep alumna

Helping students reach the next stage of their development – adulthood – is at the core of every interaction in UPrep’s College Counseling Office. What many describe as the busiest office on campus is frequented by juniors and seniors seeking individual college counseling, parents looking for resources to assist their students in the college planning process, and young alumni excitedly reconnecting with the college counseling staff.

The bottom line is that the College Counseling Office expertly demystifies the college process for our students and their families while simultaneously ensuring that they fare extremely well in their search and selection process. College information nights for juniors and seniors, more than 200 visits from college admissions officers from around the country and the world, and expert administration of standardized tests simply add to the many services the office provides.

Our Results

The results of our students’ college admissions results speak volumes about who we are as a school:

  • Over the past 5 years, our students have matriculated at 130 different colleges in 33 states and 5 foreign countries. At the 40 colleges that generated the most applications (6 or more UPrep applicants), our Pumas acceptance rate was 60% whereas the overall national acceptance rate was 44%.
  • Our diverse student body finds collegiate homes at a robust range of institutions, from Stanford to Syracuse, and from the University of Chicago to the University of Washington.
  • Although we celebrate our students’ college outcomes, what we rejoice in the most is the lives of distinction our Pumas lead post-college. In employment ranging from medicine to the legal field and from education to global affairs, our alumni are forces for good and excellence in their chosen professions.