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Getting Started with Naviance Family Connection

In their junior year, each student and parent is assigned a personal password-protected account through Naviance Family Connection, a web-based program that supports the College Counseling Office. To access University Prep’s Naviance Family Connection, click here.

New Users

New users should click on “I need to register” and input the password distributed by the College Counseling Office; after the initial visit to the Naviance website, the password can be personalized. Returning users simply log on with their username (we recommend that your username be the email address you use most frequently) and password. If you lose your password, simply send us an email and we can easily reset it.

Forgot Your Password?

If, at any time, you forget your password, you can enter via the “Guest Entrance” window. Enter “puma” as your password (all lower case) and you will have access to the “Colleges” section of Naviance.

About Naviance

Naviance provides a range of services for students, parents, and college counselors:

  • view individualized displays of their personal academic information and test scores
  • send and receive email from the college office and get automatic email reminders about colleges visiting University Prep
  • search for colleges and start a list of potential schools to explore more in depth
Additionally, the College Counseling Office uses Naviance to submit application materials to most colleges online.

Once logged into the system, there are three tabs at the top of the page: Colleges, Careers, and About Me.