Getting Started with SCOIR

SCOIR is a dynamic and visual college search, selection and application tool for students, parents, and college counselors. The college counseling office will transition to using SCOIR as our dedicated software platform during the 2019-2020 school year. The class of 2021 will be the first class to fully engage with SCOIR throughout the college search and application process.  SCOIR gives each stakeholder in the college process their own individual account as there are features in the program that are uniquely tailored to the student and parent role in the college process. Students and parents will receive an email to “invite” them to initiate their SCOIR account, giving them access to this powerful and fun resource. Members of the class of 2021 will receive their SCOIR login information in the fall of 2019.

SCOIR Student

The student page consists of three areas related to the college search: My Profile, College Search and My Colleges. Please explore each area fully. In doing so, you will begin to develop your college profile and create a list of schools that match your interests and college goals.

My Profile

After you have logged into SCOIR, you will arrive at the My Profile page. This is also known as the Landing page. This is where you will find all of the personal information linked to you. In addition to academic stats, standardized test scores, and parent information found in the My Profile section, SCOIR gives students the ability to upload web links, social media posts (that are college relevant) and important documents (transcripts, resumes, a graded assignment that you might need for a college application) into a “My Drive” portal. Students can also share activities they are involved in and achievements they are proud of in this section.

College Search

SCOIR’s college search engine empowers students to find colleges that best meet their individual needs and preferences. Students can search for schools using the drop down menus. There are over ten choices for search criteria: Name, Personal Interest & Activities, Academic, Undergraduate Degrees, Location, Number of Undergrads, Acceptance Rate, School Type, Campus Setting, ROTC Programs and Application type.

My Colleges

Once a list of colleges is created, students will choose to “follow” a school so that it remains on their prospective college list. Students can save and/or share the schools they’re following with other stakeholders (parents or counselors) in the college process. SCOIR provides comprehensive information and analysis about each college on a college list. The in-depth information is found in three areas: Overview which includes many of the nuts and bolts (Academic, Admission, Student Life) information about a school, the Wall which is a visual representation of the school through photos, social media posts and school websites, and Analysis where students can compare their academic background to students who have previously applied.

SCOIR Parent

Parents are an integral part of the college search process. They can assist their student in discovering schools that may be of interest to them by suggesting schools to Follow; Students decide whether or not to “Accept” this suggestion. SCOIR also provides a comprehensive Net Price Calculator to assist families in seeing the cost of attendance at each school a student is Following.

The parent page consists of three areas: College, College Search and Profile.


Here you will find the Net Price Calculator (NPC) tool. The more detailed financial information a family can provide, the more accurate information about the cost of attendance at each school is found. Families only need to fill out the NPC once; the information is stored and applied to each school in the student’s Following, Applying and Applied list.

College Search

Parents will have full access to college search criteria. Parents can complete their own college search, independent of their student. If a student has saved their last college search, parents will have the ability to see the schools on this list.


This is where you will find all of the personal, academic and extracurricular activities your student has listed in their SCOIR account. Parents can also view any documents that their student has uploaded into MyDrive.