Integrated Learning

We really appreciate the compassionate help that the Integrated Learning staff provided to our child over the past two years. Seeing the progress he has made in this time has been wonderful.” UPrep parent

Our goal at University Prep is for all students to grow to be independent learners who can advocate for themselves at school. In support of that goal, the Integrated Learning Office provides support to help students who learn differently meet the high expectations of our challenging academic program. The Integrated Learning staff work with families as they seek to understand their students’ learning profiles; observe student learning in the classroom and intervene with instructional strategies; partner with teachers to practice those strategies; help students learn how to apply study skills; and provide drop-in support to students before and after school through the Integrated Learning Center. We are able to recommend private tutors outside the school if additional support is required.

Learn more about all the ways the Integrated Learning department can support your student:

Individual Learning Plans

If your student has known learning support needs or a documented diagnosis we will review all available documentation and develop an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) that lists the accommodations your student is entitled to receive as well as the Instructional Strategies we feel will best support your student in the classroom. The ILP is similar to a 504 plan in public school. ILPs identify learning strengths and challenges, specify accommodations and outline supportive instructional strategies. Once an ILP is in place, all members of your student’s team including teachers and advisors will be made aware to ensure that accommodations are being used, with the long-term goal of self-advocacy and academic confidence.

Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways is an Orton-Gillingham based program for students with language-based learning differences. The program is 1:1 in the first year and often 3:1 in the second year, with an option to continue 1:1 as needed. Students typically take LP in place of Fine Arts, PE or World Language and are most often in grades 6, 7 and 8. The LP program has limited space available. There is an additional fee for this program. Prospective families interested in Learning Pathways should contact Shannon Salverda during the application process.


SchoolHacks is an elective course for students who would benefit from support in the areas of executive functioning, study skills, and self-advocacy. Students participate in a small group with an Integrated Learning Specialist to complete planner checks, Schoology reviews, assignment management, and teacher communication. Students receive direct coaching on particular research-based study skills to support learning. Students are given class time to dig into work for their specific classes with guided support from the instructor. When appropriate, we work to help incorporate the skills taught to their classwork, or in thinking about how they approach study. This course is designed to provide specific support and skill-building and is a one-semester course. Should a student require ongoing executive skills support, a tutor or other outside supports may be necessary. 

  • Upper School, available to all grades, as a non-credit elective at no additional cost.

  • Middle School, for students in grades 7-8 in 3:1 small group for an additional fee.

Community Time

All students have Community Time built into the daily schedule. While some of this time is pre-programmed with activities, announcements, and clubs, our Integrated Learning staff is available for specific skills-building sessions and drop-in support to all students on campus.

Homework Support

The Integrated Learning Department provides space before and after school for students to study, complete homework, or get organized.  By having our staff available, we can support students in creating good habits as life-long learners.  

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm in the Commons Meeting Room

  • Before school 7:45 am - 8:15 am in the Integrated Learning Office 

Outside Tutoring

Outside Tutoring is an option as needed. Please work in collaboration with the subject teacher and Director of Integrated Learning if you feel your student requires support beyond what can be offered through the school.

Meet Our Team

  • Shannon Salverda, Director of Integrated Learning
    • Shannon is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in language-based learning.  She is the primary contact for Middle School Integrated Learning students and families. 

  • Stephanie Dobler, Learning Pathways Teacher 
    • Stephanie leads our second year of programming for students in Learning Pathways. Stephanie focuses on advancing the skills of students' literacy and learning through structure and sequencing to align with core academic subjects.

  • Janet Perles, Learning Pathways Teacher
    • Janet works with students in 6th grade within the Learning Pathways program helping them to navigate a new community and build strong skills in literacy through direct, explicit, and multisensory lessons that will translate to their other classes.

  • Rachael Lydeard, Learning Specialist
    • Rachael is a School Psychologist and has worked to design and build structures for schools to support struggling learners.  Rachael teaches all SchoolHacks courses, and case manages 9th and 10th-grade students who access our department for support.

  • Julie Smith, Learning and Testing Specialist
    • Julie is the primary contact for all standardized testing accommodations, concussion protocols, leads Homework Support after school, and case manages 11th and 12th-grade students who access our department for support.


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Learning Ally Membership  UPrep provides audiobook access for students with an ILP accommodation at no cost to families.

Bookshare is an ebook library that provides free individual access for students with qualifying conditions.

Natural Readers Online
Natural Readers Online is a text to speech web application that converts any written text into spoken words.