The Roger J. Bass Library, named after long-time Head of School and Founder, buzzes with student activity throughout the day. Collaboration and conversation are encouraged, and the Walden Room provides a space for quiet study. Our dynamic library staff helps students find information sources, distinguish fact from opinion, explore fiction, and play the ukulele! Warm colors and cozy spaces invite students to have a seat and converse with their friends.

The library supports information literacy goals throughout the curriculum, advocates for reading, and provides a space to inspire and promote individual and collaborative learning. The library houses more than 10,000 books and periodicals and provides web-based access to the library catalog and over a dozen research databases. Students are well-supported in their quest to develop a thesis and support it with specific, meaningful evidence.

Located centrally on campus and remodeled in 2012, the library also serves as a community gathering space, hosting course events such as mock congress, student speeches, board meetings, parent education speakers, and more. The library is open Monday through Friday when school is in session, from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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