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Whether it’s building self-driving cars or prototyping new inventions, UPrep students make their ideas come to life in our Upper School and Middle School Makerspaces.

The ULab’s Upper School Makerspace is 1,123 square feet, which is roughly half the size of a singles-style tennis court. The Middle School Makerspace is on the main campus. Students access both fabrication and design facilities for class projects, co-curricular clubs, passion projects and skill-building workshops, gaining invaluable experience in design, engineering, electronics, and digital arts. 

A group of students work to build a robot in UPrep's Middle School makerspace.


A student constructs a robot in UPrep's ULab Makerspace.


Both Makerspaces are available for use before and after school, and during Community Time and Office Hours, providing ample time for students to use a wide range of materials and tools that can be used in numerous activities, from sewing to soldering. They can bring in projects from home, build a project with faculty coaching, or join one of many clubs where beginners and experienced students alike can build and learn new skills with their peers.  

Our faculty use both Makerspaces and their resources to create engineering, design, and creative projects for their classes. Previous examples include engineering students designing Calder-style mobiles and making the mobiles with the 3-D printers; a science class building robotic arms to mimic the operation of a human arm; and P.E. and Spanish classes using VR headsets to enhance their learning. In addition to whole-class projects, students can visit the Makerspace to get tools, coaching from faculty and staff, or materials for their class projects. 

In our Makerspaces, students learn to use the tools and materials they need to design and engineer their world.

The Makerspaces support students in becoming self-directed, empowered creators.

A student uses a 3D pen in UPrep's Middle School Makerspace.


A group of students dig through a container of supplies in UPrep's makerspace.


Makerspace Clubs

Browse our current/recent club offerings below. Clubs change from year to year based on student interest.

UPrep Upper School students race a drone.

Upper School Drone Racing Team

UPrep Middle School students build a marble run

Middle School Makers Club