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Middle School

UPrep’s Middle School is all about getting students to 'try on' and 'lean in.' We encourage students to try new sports, start or join new clubs, explore the arts, and generally get out of their comfort zones. Even if it means failing at something. Our students feel safe to explore and express themselves because they know their teachers and advisors will be there to support them. –Brian Johnson, Director of Middle School

Middle School at UPrep, a 6-12 private school in Seattle, is about establishing the building blocks for academic success and character development. Our students begin to learn what it means to self-advocate as learners and begin to find their voices, their passions, and their community.

Most importantly, our students see their teachers as partners in their academic journey. Middle School students demonstrate their ability to understand and articulate their academic strengths and areas for growth during bi-annual student-led conferences, and they formulate action plans to improve academic performance, gaining confidence in the process of learning.

Our students leave UPrep's Middle School program poised and positioned as collaborative, confident, self-advocating learners. We invite you to learn more about our Middle School curriculum by browsing our website. 

UPrep has expanded my horizons and introduced me to many more possibilities in all parts of my life. The community at UPrep could not be better at giving students a chance to explore, make mistakes, form strong bonds, and learn how to change the world.” –Middle School student

Meet Our Middle School Director

Middle School Director Brian Johnson has spent 15+ years working with middle school students.


Grading: We use a non-traditional formative grading system instead of a traditional letter-grade system to help students break their learning down into component parts, assess progress toward mastery, and communicate about their academic progress.

Intensives: Twice each year, students take full-credit, three-week intensive courses that allow them to focus on one course, study deeply, and learn both inside and outside of the classroom. Courses include required and elective offerings, and feature contemporary topics and interdisciplinary learning.

A Middle School student smiles as she looks at her work on the whiteboard.


A science teacher works with a student in the classroom.


UPrep is filled with deeply caring, inspired faculty who bring it with all their might every day for our students. Middle school has the opportunity to be an amazing time when you are surrounded by people who see you and care about you. UPrep is a place like that. 
Tom Strouse, Middle School Science Teacher