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The 8th Grade Capstone challenges our students to think about the interconnectedness of people and systems, the issues our human community faces locally and globally, and how to leverage small solutions to maximize impact." –UPrep Middle School teacher

Capstone is a culminating 8th grade learning experience where students engage in activities designed to inspire and foster civic engagement, community-building, self-reflection, and real world problem-solving.

During this intensive, students participate in three distinct learning modules:

  1. Leadership Module: Student learn to identify leadership qualities and skills and demonstrate their understanding through discussion, reflection, and a persuasive infographic.
  2. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Module: Students demonstrate their critical understanding of how the SDGs relate clearly and creatively to world issues and the work of nonprofit organizations.

  3. Local/Global Module: Student learn to recognize and communicate understanding of their personal consumption and impact on important social/environmental issues.

Within the modules, students demonstrate learning through discussions, group activities, and small projects to feature in the Intensive Showcase. During Capstone, students

  • Explore aspects of leadership while building skills for collaborative problem solving in both academic and real-world contexts
  • Build empathy and appreciation for the impact of global sustainability challenges on individuals and communities
  • Learn how local nonprofit organizations and global NGOs address a variety of social and economic issues

At the end of the Capstone intensive, students spend three camp days together to celebrate their Middle School experiences and enjoy their time together.

Capstone Students Meet Filmmaker Zach Ingrasci

Capstone gives students the opportunity to dive deeper into UPrep's mission of global citizenship and social responsibility.


A UPrep student's Capstone project about the cycle of food.