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The 8th Grade Capstone challenges our students to think about the interconnectedness of people and systems, the issues our human community faces locally and globally, and how to leverage small solutions to maximize impact." –UPrep Middle School teacher

The eighth grade Capstone Intensive is a culminating, cross-curricular project that challenges students to apply the skills developed throughout Middle School to addressing a global issue. Students learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, connect with a local nonprofit organization doing work to address these goals, and tackle a design challenge to create a product or experience that meets the needs of their nonprofit partner. Throughout the Capstone Intensive, students work collaboratively, problem-solving, researching, writing and reflecting.


The Capstone Intensive has five phases:

Capstone gives students the opportunity to dive deeper into the UPrep mission of global citizenship and explore ways of engaging with their community in positive and enduring ways.