Course of Study

Middle School students are beginning to develop their interests and discover their strengths and challenges. Just as their bodies grow at different speeds, so do their minds. The Middle School curriculum at University Prep is designed to take advantage of the uniqueness of those middle school years: our faculty orchestrates each class to engage and instruct the visual learners, auditory, confident, shy, linear, and abstract learners, and also the ones who simply can’t sit still (not an unusual phenomenon for 12 year olds).

Middle School teaching teams work together to design courses through which students learn the big ideas, core knowledge, and essential skills of each discipline. Each year of Middle School features an interdisciplinary study of contemporary social issues. Through geography, history, science, math, literature, and technology, students explore topics such as the management of the natural resources of the Columbia River, social entrepreneurship through the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, and ecosystems surrounding the Elwha Dam.

Our non-traditional formative grading system allows our students to get to know their particular learning styles, and gives them the knowledge and confidence to address them in an informed and effective manner. The curriculum itself is closely aligned in its scope and sequence and will challenge every student, yet at the same time, provide every opportunity for success.

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