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After being a UPrep student for a year, our daughter has grown exponentially in her math skills. Her teacher’s high expectations have challenged her to go outside of her comfort zone and try to solve problems she would not have tackled before. We are grateful to have her learn from such exceptional educators.” –Current UPrep parent  

Our mathematics education is designed to give students the power of problem-solving, the ability to participate intelligently in civic affairs, the skills needed to pursue educational and career choices, and an appreciation of the richness and beauty of mathematics along with its importance in our culture.

All classes provide opportunities for students to organize their thinking, reason logically, choose critically from different problem-solving strategies, learn and apply various technologies, express their ideas both orally and in writing, and work cooperatively with their peers.

Meet A Math Teacher

Read a Q&A with Math Teacher Kira Rivera.

UPrep's Middle School math teachers took my daughter from saying 'I hate math'  to now math being her favorite class! Current UPrep parent