Physical Education

At UPrep, we thrive at promoting lifelong wellness. Our PE program encompasses health literacy as well as physical literacy. When students leave our Middle School, they have a true understanding of how to keep themselves fit. Health literacy is about having a true understanding of living a healthy lifestyle and getting in shape—while having fun!" PE Teacher James Johnson

UPrep students explore and develop their health and fitness in a variety of ways in Physical Education classes. P.E. units incorporate traditional and non-traditional activities, as well as individual and cooperative activities and sports to improve skills. Students also learn and practice health and wellness curriculum throughout all three Middle School grades.

At UPrep, each student has the opportunity to succeed regardless of their athletic abilities. Our students learn how to develop a foundation for lifelong fitness and wellness.

Beginning in the sixth grade, students explore a foundation of many activities, sports and health topics and then refine those skills in grades 7 through 12.

The Middle School program includes a full year of P.E. instruction in sixth grade, one semester of P.E. and one semester of Health in seventh grade, and one semester of P.E. in eighth grade.

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Students play a game of soccer on Dahl Field during PE class.

A student pitches during a game of kickball on Dahl Field.