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Physical Education & Health

At UPrep, we thrive at promoting lifelong wellness. Our PE program encompasses health literacy as well as physical literacy. When students leave our Middle School, they have a true understanding of how to keep themselves fit. Health literacy is about having a true understanding of living a healthy lifestyle and getting in shape—while having fun!" PE Teacher James Johnson

At UPrep, the goal of the Physical Education (P.E.) and Health program is to redefine educational excellence by supporting all students, regardless of their athletic abilities, in developing their skills, knowledge, and character in a variety of contexts. Our students learn how to develop a foundation for lifelong wellness and build upon their physical and health literacy by exploring P.E. and health.

Students experience a diverse set of courses that support growth and challenge as they become physically and intellectually courageous and socially responsible.

UPrep's Middle School P.E. program includes a wide range of activities that foster skill development, collaboration, belonging, and joy. Our goal is to provide our students with an inclusive introduction to lifelong health and fitness in a safe environment—mentally, physically, and socially. As students progress through Middle School, they gain confidence and competence in their skills and deepen their experiences of play and movement.

All Middle School students participate in P.E. classes, regardless of their participation in school sports or club/community sports and activities.

Meet A PE Teacher

Read a Q&A with PE and Health Teacher James Johnson.