Daily Schedule

The school has adopted a new daily schedule for 2017-2018, as part of Strategic Plan 2020 Next Generation Learning. The schedule supports greater focus and depth of study, collaboration, the pursuit of individual passions, and meeting with teachers.

new schedule

Over 18 months, a team of faculty and staff members gathered input from the school community, reviewed 30 other school schedules, and consulted a nationally recognized expert. For 2017-2018, the new schedule changes only the structure of the school day. The term structure will change the following year.

Key Features

  • A later daily start with a before-school period that allows access to teachers and learning support
  • A daily advisory check-in and one longer weekly advisory that strengthens the student/advisor relationship
  • Fewer transitions between academic classes
  • Longer periods that meet less frequently and rotate on a predictable weekly basis
  • A daily 60-minute community time block for assemblies, long advisory, clubs, meetings, special events, study skills workshops, and Community Conversations (US)
  • A lunch period reserved exclusively for lunch
  • Class periods that start and end at the same time each day
  • Continued support for up to seven classes per semester

Example Schedules

The following examples show how a student's classes, activities, and self-directed time could lay out in a typical week.

Example upper school schedule example middle school schedule