Student Support

University Prep’s Student Services support system intentionally creates time to think creatively and act strategically to support the wide range of students we serve.” Ken Jaffe, Director of Upper School

Since its founding in 1976, University Prep has pledged to serve the needs of a wide range of diverse learners. We continue to help each student reach his or her potential through a carefully designed, comprehensive system of support services.

Our teachers are dedicated to the academic and social and emotional success of every student, and provide the first line of support to students outside of class. Teachers deepen their skills through the Individualized Teacher Improvement Program (ITIP) and in partnership with staff specialists.

Advisors provide ongoing support and guidance to students and their families in both the academic and social and emotional realm. Students stay in the same advisory for the duration of Middle School and then with a new advisory throughout Upper School to ensure continuity and an enduring relationship.

Our grade level deans collaborate and communicate with the advisors in a particular grade, as well with the Student Support Services team. They lead regular student review meetings to share successes and identify and discuss students of concern, and then put in place appropriate supports. These meetings generate a communication plan with each family.

Two full-time counselors work with students and their families in times of emotional need, and provide referrals to other health care professionals when warranted. In addition, they work closely with advisors and grade level deans to create a tight communication loop around the social and emotional well-being of our students.

The director of Integrated Learning serves students who benefit from personalized assistance to succeed in our academic program. The director works with families to create Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) and coordinates all learning services on campus including: Learning Pathways, SchoolHacks, Classroom Partners, After-school Drop-in, and community time support. The director works with the integrated learning staff, teachers, the instructional coach, and Student Services to coordinate integrated learning services inside and outside of the classroom.

The Integrated Learning department includes the director, two Learning Pathways teachers, and two Learning specialists. We work closely with students, their teachers, and families to personalized access to learning supports on campus, build self-advocacy and executive skills, manage testing and instructional accommodations, and initiate concussion protocol.

The assistant directors of Middle and Upper School focus on student life, culture, and community, and work with students to promote their growth with respect to the school mission. The directors work closely with the Associated Student Body/Student Government, monitor student discipline, and coordinate the advisory program with the grade level deans.

The director of Diversity and Community works to create a school community in which everyone feels a part, and in which students and their families have easy and equitable access to school activities. In addition, the director works with underrepresented student groups, helping students in those groups to grow and flourish.

The director of Student Services oversees the effective design, coordination, delivery, and evaluation of student services, and ensures communication among the emotional counseling, learning resources, and college counseling professionals in support of a healthy social/emotional school climate and culture.

The directors of Middle and Upper School oversee student support services and ensure their coordination for all students in grades 6-12. They work collaboratively with faculty, the assistant directors, grade level deans, and the director of Athletics to develop and sustain a program that is supportive of and consistent with the school’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Grade level deans convene regular student review meetings with the grade advisors to brainstorm strategies to support students who are not working to their potential. Interventions include scheduling additional meetings with teachers outside of class, recommending tutoring, and/or recommending meetings with our counseling or learning support staff.

The Student Support Services team also meets regularly to strategize how to assist students who are experiencing more acute difficulties academically, socially, or emotionally. The meetings include division directors, assistant directors, counselors, the learning resource coordinator, the student support specialist, the director of Student Services and the director of Diversity and Community. As needed, parents/guardians are invited in to meet with the team to develop and coordinate effective strategies for a student’s success.


For a description of our integrated learning services, click here.

We really appreciate the compassionate help that the Integrated Learning staff provided to our child over the past two years. Seeing the progress he has made in this time has been wonderful.” Seventh grade parent
Thank you for all the time you spent with me. You've helped me learn how to study for tests, and you taught me how to learn, something that my old school didn't teach me.” Sixth grade student

We really appreciate the compassionate help that the Integrated Learning staff provided to our child over the past two years. Seeing the progress he has made in this time has been wonderful.” UPrep parent