At University Prep, students use technology as a tool for learning. Our curriculum is built for creativity, communication, and collaboration, while modeling how professionals use technology in their respective fields. Faculty work with academic specialists, developing students’ technology skills in real-world ways.

Technology Use at UPrep

Students use iPads (Middle School) and laptops (Upper School) in part to:

  • Model complex ecosystems and geographic environments in Minecraft.
  • Solve problems collaboratively, organizing their team in large-scale projects.
  • Produce movies and advocacy commercials both in English and foreign languages.
  • Design new inventions based on chemical reactions, and model and print them in 3D.
  • Record their athletic activities in PE in order to analyze and improve sports technique.
  • Create experiments, use video analysis to capture the results, and analyze the data in spreadsheets to determine the effects of air resistance.

Critical Thinking and Digital Citizenship

Our curriculum challenges students to be thoughtful and intentional technology users.

Digital Citizenship: Students discuss positive social interactions online, and practice respectful communication with online communities both on and off campus.

Intellectual Property, Research, and Evaluating Information: Library specialists pair with teachers to bring critical research skills into students’ classwork.

Reflection and Face-to-Face Time: While technology is integrated throughout our curriculum, students have time to reflect and build healthy habits around device use. Structured “no device” times and community expectations promote students building face-to-face relationships.

Computer Science and Computational Thinking

The ability to examine and interpret data has become a crucial skill throughout society, and computer code and script are now used widely in business. By giving all students exposure to computational thinking across our curriculum, the faculty seeks to ensure that all of our graduates can successfully interact with data in their fields. For those students seeking additional depth in Computer Science, a complete sequence of electives in Middle and Upper School allows students to build apps, learn a variety of programming languages, and develop individual research projects analyzing real-world data sets.

Technology Classes

  • Intro to Computer Science through CS III
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Photography
  • Filmmaking in Seattle
  • Project Science
  • Engineering I and II

Technology Clubs and Activities

  • VEX Robotics Competition Teams
  • Build-Your-Own-Robot Clubs
  • Digital Art
  • Movie Making
  • 3D Printing and Virtual Reality
  • Computer Science
  • Coding Competitions and Hack-a-Thons
  • Makerspace
  • High-Altitude Ballooning
  • Student Technology Leaders

Current students and faculty:
For tech resources, please log in to the Veracross portal.

Please contact Jeff Tillinghast, Director of Learning Design and Technology, at or 206.832.1160.

UPrep's 1:1, Bring-Your-Own-Device programs build student responsibility and skill in using technology in their academic and personal lives.