At UPrep, students use technology to ask questions, work together, and show understanding. Each Middle School student has their own iPad, and each Upper School student has their own laptop computer every day. Along with online learning tools and open Wifi, our technology program creates unlimited opportunities for students to record, tell, show and think within their courses.

If you walk through our classrooms, you will find students who video chat with Spanish speakers in other countries, create a historical newspaper, record exercise routines and yoga positions, compose music, and collect experimental data in a science lab. Teachers post assignments, resources and discussions, and students ask each other for homework help.

We trust students and hold them accountable for responsible use. Students learn to interact respectfully through school-based social networks in which teachers are present. Cell phones and games are allowed on campus, yet boundaries do exist, and students explore how to maintain appropriate balance. Parents attend guest speaker and conversation events to support the task of parenting tech-savvy teens.

Any student can become a tech specialist at UPrep. Several courses in computer science, digital arts, and publications encourage students to learn and apply tech skills. Students can tinker in the Maker Lab or join Girls Who Code or Robotics clubs. Academic technology and computer science specialists support and encourage students in these fields.

iPad and Laptop Programs

Current and prospective families can access setup guides, device requirements, school policies and the support knowledge base through our Technology Program Portal.