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High School

UPrep is a dynamic, vibrant community and a place of growth for our students and teachers. I appreciate that everyone shares different parts of their identity here, like the athlete who is also a performing musician, or the math teacher who is also a competitive Ultimate player. I also like the fact that fundamentally we are all problem solvers and leaders.” –Director of Upper School Susie Wu

UPrep's Upper School (or high school) curriculum includes a remarkable breadth and depth of subject matter and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our students. Our teachers design courses that foster intellectual curiosity, appropriately challenge every student, and build essential skills for academic success.

English electives, world and U.S. history, and science courses are updated and revised each year to reflect contemporary themes. The fine arts and physical education are also constantly adapting to new trends in aesthetic expression and social values. In recent years, we have created new engineering, U.S. history, and interdisciplinary courses so that students may gain new knowledge and skills essential for participation in a modern society.

Upper School students may also take fully online courses for credit through Global Online Academy, a consortium of 60 leading independent schools in the U.S. and abroad.

We invite you to learn more about one of the best college prep private high schools in Washington and our curriculum by browsing the left-hand menu.

 If you're looking for a second family, this is the place. Everyone knows each other and is supportive of one another. There are many opportunities and resources for whatever you choose to pursue or take interest in." –Upper School student

Meet Our Merit Scholars

Congratulations to our seniors who are being recognized for their PSAT scores.

Headshot photo of University Prep Director of Middle School Susie Wu, wearing a blue dress with red and white polka dots

Susie Wu
Director of Upper School

Upper School students smile in the UPrep Commons.


Two Upper School Math students point to their work on the whiteboard.