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Fine Arts


The Arts Department at UPrep was the catalyst for some of my most profound personal growth. The teachers created a space that allowed me to step back, explore my options, and reflect on my experiences, and also inspired me to challenge the status quo.” –UPrep alumna


The UPrep Fine Arts department fosters an environment that encourages students to think, learn, and create while challenging them to work toward excellence and self-understanding. We promote: the development, expression, and evaluation of ideas and processes; the ability to produce, read, and interpret dramatic, musical and visual symbols; and the assimilation of information needed to recognize and understand the artistic achievements of various societies.

Upper School Musical students perform Mamma Mia!



Art itself is a life-long endeavor. We never know it all. Practicing any art shows us so much about commitment, focus, and a real dedication to lifelong learning.” –Jason Park, Music Teacher and Fine Arts Department Chair






UPrep's Visual Arts Showcase

Each winter and spring, our visual arts students display their work at a Visual Arts Showcase held on campus. Watch this video recap, featuring interviews with two student artists and a teacher.