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Students may take courses from Global Online Academy as part of the school program. GOA is a consortium of over 65 leading independent schools in the U.S.and abroad. Faculty members from GOA schools develop and teach the courses, which emphasize contemporary topics, collaborative, project-based learning, and frequent communication with the teacher. Global Online Academy courses allow schools to expand what they offer and help students test their passions in ways typically unavailable on a single campus. Though students complete most work independently, and GOA courses do not have full class meetings, students do collaborate in real time with classmates and meet with their teachers via video call. GOA courses take place during the school year and earn full credit at University Prep. Upper School students may request a GOA course during the course requests process in April.

If you have questions, please contact UPrep GOA site coordinator Anne Bingham.

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Courses 2018-2019

Full course descriptions

Computer Science II: Game Design and Development
Creative Nonfiction
Digital Photography
Fiction Writing
Graphic Design
Music Theory and Digital Composition
Poetry Writing

Computer Science I: Computational Thinking
Computer Science II: Analyzing Data with Python
Computer Science II: Game Design and Development
Computer Science II: Java
Game Theory
iOS App Design
Linear Algebra
Multivariable Calculus
Number Theory

Abnormal Psychology
Global Health
Introduction to Psychology
Medical Problem Solving I
Medical Problem Solving II
Positive Psychology
Social Psychology

9/11 in a Global Context
Advanced Topics in Economics
Applying Philosophy to Modern Global Issues
Climate Change and Global Inequality
Comparative Politics
Entrepreneurship In a Global Context
Gender Studies
Genocide & Human Rights
Introduction to Investments
Prisons and the Criminal Law

Arabic Language Through Culture
Japanese Language Through Culture I
Japanese Language Through Culture II