Global Online Academy

UPrep partners with Global Online Academy, a consortium of over 70 leading independent schools in the U.S.and abroad offering UPrep students a collaborative, cross-cultural, transdisciplinary learning experience with peer institutions around the world. Upper School students may elect to take GOA courses, which are limited to 20 students, as part of their regular school program, earning full credit.

Faculty members from GOA schools (including UPrep) develop and teach the courses, which emphasize contemporary topics, project-based learning, and frequent communication with the teacher. A key component of GOA is acquiring the modern competencies required of students in an increasingly complex, networked society.

While students complete most work independently, and GOA courses do not have full class meetings, students do collaborate in real time with classmates and meet with their teachers via video call.

Courses 2019-2020

Art, Media and Design

Creative Nonfiction Writing
Computer Science II: Game Design & Development
Digital Photography
Fiction Writing
Graphic Design
Poetry Writing

Learning Studios

Climate Change and Global Inequality
Entrepreneurship in a Global Context
Positive Psychology
Social Psychology

Mathematics and Technology

Computer Science I: Computational Thinking
Computer Science II: Analyzing Data with Python
Computer Science II: Game Design and Development
Computer Science II: Java
Game Theory
iOS App Design
Linear Algebra
Multivariable Calculus
Number Theory

Science and Health

Abnormal Psychology
Climate Change and Global Inequality
Global Health
Introduction to Psychology
Medical Problem Solving I
Medical Problem Solving II
Positive Psychology
Problem Solving with Engineering and Design
Social Psychology

Social Sciences

9/11 in a Global Context
Applying Philosophy to Modern Global Issues
Business Problem Solving
Climate Change and Global Inequality
Entrepreneurship In a Global Context
Gender Studies
Genocide & Human Rights
International Relations
Introduction to Investments
Introduction to Legal Thinking
Prisons and the Criminal Law
Race and Society

World Languages

Arabic Language Through Culture I
Arabic Language Through Culture II
Arabic Language Through Culture III
Chinese Language Through Culture I
Japanese Language Through Culture I
Japanese Language Through Culture II
Japanese Language Through Culture III

The GOA Student Experience

Learn more about our partnership with GOA:
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Our partnership with GOA allows us to expand what we can offer to our students, encouraging new interests and feeding their passion for learning through the diversity possible in a global, online environment.