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Global Online Academy

Today, most corporations have overseas divisions, so one needs to be culturally competent with the ability to communicate across time zones. Students get a taste of that world when they work in teams across continents through GOA." –UPrep GOA Advisor

UPrep partners with Global Online Academy, a consortium of over 150 leading independent schools across 31 states and 27 different countries, to offer our Upper School students a collaborative, cross-cultural, transdisciplinary learning experience with peer institutions around the world.

Faculty members from GOA schools (including UPrep) develop and teach the courses, which emphasize contemporary topics and project-based learning. 

GOA's global network provides UPrep students with the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from the perspectives of other students that do not share their physical location while pursuing their passions, developing skills, and preparing for college and career.


Through taking three GOA classes, I gained time management skills and learned how to organize my work. This will be helpful in college, where the majority of work is done outside of lectures.”  –Upper School student

While students complete most GOA work independently, and GOA courses do not have full class meetings, students collaborate in real time with classmates and meet with teachers via video call. Our partnership with GOA allows us to expand what we can offer to our students, encouraging new interests and feeding their passion for learning through the diversity possible in a global, online environment.