Upper School history students master a wide variety of skills, such as recognizing, analyzing, and critiquing trends, patterns, and causal relationships in history.

By reading both primary and secondary sources, students begin to recognize both bias and disparity. Students are taught skills necessary to produce term or position papers. Techniques of debate, oral reporting and group discussions are also emphasized.

The course sequence includes world history in ninth and tenth grades, United States History (through either a Survey or Topics approach) in eleventh grade, and a semester of Civics in either eleventh or twelfth grade. The department also offers a wide range of elective courses for students to pursue their interests beyond required topics.

World History

Required, ninth and tenth grades

Semester Courses

Semester + Intensive Courses
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United States History

Two terms required, eleventh grade
Available as elective courses to twelfth grade

Semester Courses


One semester required, eleventh or twelfth grade


Electives offer opportunities for students to pursue their interests beyond the core program. Each elective requires students to study a specific field of history containing a rich diversity of issues. This way, students work toward the department's goals regardless of the course taken.

Semester Courses

Intensive Courses

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