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During LaunchPad, I had a mentor, not a teacher. I learned how to create my own deadlines and tasks for myself and to look past day one to create a plan.” –Jiwoo Hyun '21

LaunchPad is a three-week, real-world experience where our students work on a project of their design that speaks to their personal passions or professional, vocational, or academic curiosities. As an evolution of UPrep’s Senior Project, students fulfill this graduation requirement during junior or senior year.

Each LaunchPad student partners with a mentor, often a UPrep alum, who works in their field of interest. This experience provides students valuable career development and networking opportunities.

In addition to the technical skills gained, LaunchPad helps students develop important soft skills such as communication, presentation, problem-solving, and time management. They learn to navigate professional environments, adapt to workplace expectations, and build professional relationships.

During the third week of their LaunchPad experience, students write a four- to six-page reflection paper and share their work during the LaunchPad Presentation event.

LaunchPad allows students to put into practice all of the executive functioning skills they have learned at UPrep. Having a mentor encourages them to dive deeper and push themselves further in this real-life situation.” –Assistant Head of School for Academics Ed Billingslea