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Make a LaunchPad Connection!

Each UPrep student designs a LaunchPad project to work within the Seattle area in an area of personal interest, so that they can see themselves as empowered members of our community. Each student works directly with at least one local mentor in their area of interest, and may connect with many other professionals in their field during the course of the project. Students start the project by reaching out through our network of engaged professionals in their target areas, looking for networking opportunities and connections while they continually refine their project ideas. Many of these contacts will end up becoming a project mentor, but the most important first step is for a student to make that first point of contact.

Join our List of Mentors

UPrep keeps a list of organizations and individuals who are willing to serve as LaunchPad mentors or community contacts. As students refine their project ideas, they can return to this list to see "who's out there" for a phone call or email to discuss their organizations or fields. If you would be willing to be contacted by a LaunchPad student in your field, please register your contact information to have your information added to our database. Contact information will be made available to current students in the course of designing their projects.



Additional Resources

Contact LaunchPad Mission Control

If you have questions about the LaunchPad program, or about being a mentor or contact, please email

The concept of mentorship dates back to Homer's The Odyssey, in which a mentor is described as a "wise and trusted counselor." Thirteen centuries later, mentorship is still one of the most powerful learning tools that exists.

Many of us can trace our career paths, core beliefs , and personal interests back to influential people who gave us guidance and encouragement through mentorships both formal and unformal.