Mentor LaunchPad FAQ

What is a LaunchPad project?

University Prep’s LaunchPad is a two-week real-world experience for seniors that offers them an opportunity to step outside of the classroom and work in an environment that speaks to their personal passions and/or to their professional, vocational, or academic curiosities. From shadowing software engineers to maintaining hiking trails to helping manage a Pilates studio to producing original music, LaunchPad is designed to give students a chance to engage with the world beyond UPrep and practice those real-world skills they’ll need after they graduate.

What are the dates of LaunchPad 2018?

LaunchPad projects will begin on Thursday, May 24 and end on Thursday, June 7. As a starting point, students are expected to be engaged with their LaunchPad project on regular business days from approximately 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., although students can shape these hours around availability of their mentors and resources. Students will submit a LaunchPad Work Plan in late April that details where they will be throughout the LaunchPad project and what they should be working on.

What are the responsibilities of mentors?

  • Work with mentees to outline how the two weeks will be spent. Mentees might spend this time observing the mentor, participating in work experiences, creating a project under the guidance of the mentor, or another plan as determined by both mentor and mentee.
  • Check in on a daily basis with mentees to review progress, provide feedback, and/or answer questions. Depending on the project, this check-in does not necessarily need to happen in person.
  • Communicate to UPrep should any issues or challenges arise.
  • Ensure that they only work/observe at locations prearranged and submitted to UPrep via the Work Plan.
  • Serve as a primary contact point for UPrep.

What are not the responsibilities of mentors?

  • Constant contact/supervision throughout the two-week project.
  • Mentee’s transportation, lunch, or other personal needs.
  • Formal reporting to UPrep of mentee performance or attendance. It is the responsibility of the student to check in with UPrep.

How much guidance should I provide my mentee?

LaunchPad is a student-driven experience. As such, the expectation is that students take the lead in the designing and carrying out of their proposal. The mentor’s role is to provide guidance and feedback throughout the experience as well as offer suggestions if students run into obstacles. You are the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage.

What if I have concerns regarding my mentee’s performance or attendance?

Please contact Brian Gonzales or Jeff Tillinghast immediately with any concerns: