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Sample LaunchPad Experiences

LaunchPad projects typically fall into one or more of the following categories. The design and structure of the two-week experience are at the discretion of the mentor and mentee. All plans are submitted for UPrep approval via the Work Plan document.

Job Shadowing

Mentee spends the workday observing the mentor. Mentee has the opportunity to ask clarifying questions. Observations may be done with multiple employees or departments, but there should be a supervising mentor that serves as point of contact for UPrep.

Example: A student planning to major in Journalism chooses to shadow a reporter from KOMO. She attends meetings and planning sessions with her mentor. She is there throughout the recording and editing process. Throughout the day, the mentor is able to share insight into the decisions being made and answer questions that the mentee may have.


Mentee designs a proposal for volunteer work and then completes that work under the direction and guidance of the mentor. This can include working with the public, assisting with general tasks, or other assignments as determined in the Work Plan. Throughout the experience, the mentee is able to learn more about the organization and its function within the community.

Example: A student interested in studying marine biology in college spends her LaunchPad time at the Seattle Aquarium. Throughout the two weeks, she assists docents as they lead tours for visiting elementary schools, speaks with children and families in the Activity Center, and participates in a beach clean-up.

Work Experience

Mentee performs job duties under the supervision and with the support of the mentor with the purpose of gaining insight and experience into the job. The mentee has the ability to ask questions and receive feedback from the mentor. This cannot be a paid position for the mentee.

Example: A student with a passion for health and fitness spends his LaunchPad time working with a personal trainer. The mentee welcomes clients, makes appointments, and facilitates the collection of paperwork and data input. He photographs the trainer performing various exercises and puts together a take-home guide for clients to use as reference. Additionally, he is asked to research gluten-free diet options for a client.


Mentee creates a unique artifact under the guidance of the mentor. Artifacts can be anything from music productions, iPhone apps, photography exhibits, to blogs. Mentor is involved in the planning of the production and provides feedback throughout the creation process.

Example: A student interested in music wants to learn more about the production side of the business. She spends her LaunchPad time recording music and editing the tracks at a local music studio. A producer assists her in using the equipment and provides feedback as she experiments with the editing process. The student uses the feedback to refine her final product.