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Physical Education & Health

I love helping students believe in themselves—when they do something beyond their own expectations and spark creativity and joy through movement. Teachers help students discover their potential, and sometimes we first find that confidence through our bodies in physical endeavors. Then that confidence carries over into their life.”  –PE Teacher Kayla Robertson

At UPrep, the goal of the Physical Education and Health program is to redefine educational excellence by supporting all students, regardless of their athletic abilities, in developing their skills, knowledge, and character in a variety of contexts.

Our students learn how to develop a foundation for lifelong wellness and build upon their physical and health literacy by exploring P.E. and health.

As students progress through Upper School, P.E. courses provide students with more choice to explore specific interests in a semester or intensive experience. All students participate in P.E. classes, regardless of their participation in school sports or club/community sports and activities.

All Upper School students participate in P.E. courses, regardless of their participation in school sports or club community sports and activities. Students who are highly involved in afterschool athletics and activities are encouraged to consider P.E. classes that complement these activities or introduce them to new ones. For example, a student athlete who needs to work on their strength may decide to take our Weight Training course, or a student who needs time to decompress and manage stress may take Yoga