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UPrep has pushed me to be OK with stepping outside my comfort zone and challenging myself. UPrep also created a lot of opportunities for me to follow my interests. Instead of working on a project to get a good grade, I’ve been driven to work hard because I’m really excited and interested in my work.” –UPrep student

Students in our Upper School deepen their understanding of science and form personal connections to it.

In our core sequence of biology, chemistry and physics, students gain a strong foundation of skills and knowledge, and then explore topics of interest more deeply through our extensive elective program. Labs and projects allow students to experience the uncertainty and discovery that are intrinsic to science, supported by teachers who know them and their discipline well. We believe that science learning should be relevant to our students’ lives and the world outside the classroom, and our science curriculum strives to accomplish this at all levels of scientific experience and skill.

Required Courses

Elective Semester Courses

Elective Intensive Courses

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Physics students complete an acceleration lab using toy cars and ramps.

Biology students work together with their teacher on a lab.