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Computer Science & Technology

In college, I was comfortable with the content in my computer science classes because of how well UPrep prepared me." –Aisse Torres '17, Software Engineer at Microsoft

UPrep's curriculum challenges students to become thoughtful and intentional technology users. Our students use technology as a tool for learning, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Faculty work with our academic technology coordinator to develop students’ technology skills in real-world ways and model how professionals use technology in their respective fields.

Digital Citizenship: Students discuss positive social interactions online and practice respectful communication with online communities both on and off campus.

Intellectual Property, Research, and Evaluating Information: Our librarians partner with teachers to bring critical research skills into students’ classwork.

Reflection and Face-to-Face Time: While technology is integrated throughout our curriculum, students have time to reflect and build healthy habits around device use. Structured “no device” times and community expectations promote students building face-to-face relationships. 

UPrep's Upper School students use laptops. By giving all students exposure to computational thinking across our curriculum, the faculty seeks to ensure that all of our graduates can successfully interact with and interpret data in their fields. For those students seeking additional depth in computer science, a complete sequence of electives is offered.

A student types code on a laptop.



UPrep's 1:1, Bring-Your-Own-Device programs build student responsibility and skill in using technology in their academic and personal lives.

Clubs and Activities

  • VEX Robotics competition teams
  • Build-your-own-robot clubs
  • 3D printing
  • Virtual reality
  • Laser cutting
  • Drone racing
  • E-sports

Elective Courses

Current students and faculty:
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