Where do I find the application?

Click HERE.

Who do I contact for a fee waiver on the application?

Please contact our Associate Director of Admission and Financial Aid

Which materials are required as part of the application?

For an application to be considered complete and ready for review it must have: Intent to Apply, Student Activities and Interests Form, Student Essay, Parent/Guardian Statement, Transcript, Teacher Recommendations and Admission Testing. We accept either the ISEE or SSAT. For admission consideration all items must be submitted by the January 16, 2020 deadline.

General Admission

What is the admission process?

The admission season runs from mid-September through late February for upper school applicants and late March for middle school applicants. Both the Intent to Apply and all additional application materials can be found online (LINK) which allows you secure access throughout the process, including admission decisions. All applicants are required to complete a UPrep Visit Day. During the campus visit applicants observe classes, meet teachers and current students, interview and get an overall sense of the school. Visits are available October thru early February and can be scheduled online (LINK). Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to stay for the visit day to tour campus meet administrators, current parents and students.

Upper School Decisions are posted at noon on Friday, February 21, 2020. All accepted students will be invited to the Come Back to UPrep event on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. Families have until Friday, February 28, 2020 at noon to inform UPrep of their decision.

Middle School Decisions are posted at noon on Friday, March 20, 2020. All accepted students will be invited to the Come Back to UPrep event on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. Families have until Friday, March 27, 2020 at noon to inform UPrep of their decision.

What qualities make a student a good candidate for UPrep?

The admission teams, consisting of faculty and administrators, evaluate candidates on all information collected. The final admission decision is based on the candidate’s potential for academic excellence, commitment to learning, respect for others, and willingness to make a positive contribution to the school community. We strive to ensure that each student has the greatest chance for success in our program, asking whether University Prep is the best match for each candidate’s needs.

Are parents/guardians able to visit the school?

Yes, and there are a variety of options in addition to your students visit day. Open House – October 10 and November 24. Community Event: UPrep Visual Arts Showcase – November 15. Discover UPrep Evening – December 3. Community Event: UPrep Play: December 13. Community Event: UPrep Tailgate – January 10.

How do students commute to school?

Click HERE for information on transportation.

Does the school accept students with learning style differences?

We value neurodiversity and consider applications from all types of learners. Please include in the Parent Statement any information about learning support needs. Also, please send any private test results, psychological or educational assessments to admissionoffice@universityprep.org.

Please contact Shannon Salverda, our Director of Integrated Learning, at 206.525.2714 ext. 205 or ILAdmissions@universityprep.org, with any questions you may have.

If you do not wish to submit such information, please understand that your application will be considered without regard to any specific supports that might benefit your student. Find more information about our Integrated Learning Program HERE.

What does it mean to be invited to the waitlist?

If your student is not admitted, but invited to the wait pool you have to opt in for this as it is not automatic. Students in the wait pool are qualified alternates, but have not been accepted because of limited space. Should a space open up, our office will contact a member from the pool and offer them the vacancy. Note our wait pool is not ranked.

If my student is not admitted, will I be told why?

No. We are unable to share the specific reasons that lead us to make admission decisions. Because many candidates are qualified for our program, decisions are often difficult to make. Those accepted are simply slightly better matched for our program. Furthermore, applicants’ folders contain confidential information that may not be disclosed.

Does UPrep have a sibling policy and what is it?

We offer an early admission process to sibling applicants whereby they receive their admission decisions in mid-December.

Does UPrep accept international students?

We consider international students for long-term only placement at UPrep. We do not offer boarding or English Language Learning services. Therefore, we require international students to live with a family member while enrolled in our program and English proficiency is a consideration in the admission process. International students should submit an application following the same deadlines as local students. The Global Programs Office manages F-1 Visas.

Student Life

What is the daily schedule?

Click HERE for information on our schedule.

We have a six block rotating schedule. This allows our students to slow down the pace of their day and engage in 70-minute classes, with only point in the day in which there are two classes back-to-back.

Community Time changes depending on the day and is filled with long advisory, assemblies, club blocks, office hours, study halls and grade level specific activities throughout the week.

What is the total student body of UPrep and what is an average class size?

The total student body is 605, there are 261 in the middle school and 344 in the upper school. A typical classroom size is 16 students.

What extracurricular opportunities are available?

In addition to our athletic program which competes in the Emerald City League, students have the opportunity to run for Student Government, participate in Debate (MS) or Mock Trial (US), clubs, Multicultural Alliances through the Diversity and Community Office, Friday Night Ski Program (January-February), Community Service, Outdoor Programs and Puma Leadership.

How do we learn more about the college counseling program?

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