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The Arts Department at UPrep was the catalyst for some of my most profound personal growth. The teachers created a space that allowed me to step back, explore my options, and reflect on my experiences, and also inspired me to challenge the status quo.” –UPrep alum

Fine Arts courses are a graduation requirement at UPrep, ensuring all our students leave with a deep appreciation and understanding of the arts, and with skills that will last them a lifetime.

Our students have access to a wide range of Fine Arts electives (from dance, drama, and music to visual arts and journalism/graphic design), taught by talented faculty, many of whom are working artists in their respective fields. Our students, both current and alumni, always mention their relationships with their teachers as a highlight of their UPrep Fine Arts experience.

Middle School Fine Arts

Visit a Middle School Fine Arts class and you’ll cross paths with eager students finding their voices on stage, learning to play new instruments, breakdancing or waltzing in the dance studio, taking photographs with a lens on social justice, or expressing themselves in the art studio.

Our students love to publicly display their newfound skills in the arts before a supportive audience of peers and adults, from our bi-annual arts showcases to music days and play performances.

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Upper School Fine Arts

In the Upper School, students capitalize on the foundation they forged in Middle School to dig deeper and explore further. Our Fine Arts faculty support and guide students to examine the arts from varied perspectives and via multiple disciplines.

Students’ active participation in drama courses, instrumental music ensembles, beginning and advanced photography classes, and unique visual arts electives teaches them to take risks intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

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Three students, dressed in bath robes and feather boas, sing together during a performance of Mamma Mia!


A group of three students concentrate as they play the drums in the Music Room.


A student lifts her leg in the air as she dances across the stage.


UPrep's Visual Arts Showcase

Each winter and spring, our visual arts students display their work at a Visual Arts Showcase held on campus. Watch this video recap, featuring interviews with two student artists and a teacher.