You can do so many cool and different things— student-produced works, play production, and even creating your own projects!" –UPrep student

Middle School

In the Middle School Drama program, sixth grade students are introduced to the fundamentals of theater: story and character. Seventh and eighth grade students then have the opportunity to learn all aspects of theater art and craft, including creating a character, learning the discipline of rehearsal and performance, designing and building sets, lights, props and costumes and, finally, bringing all those elements together in public performances. This work is based on the ethics of the theater, which include:

  • Preparation;
  • Doing your own work and leaving space for others to do their own work;
  • Taking risks and supporting others as they take risks; and
  • Putting the show first.


Upper School

Upper School students are given the opportunity to experience the process theater artists use to create meaningful theatrical experiences, incorporating multiple levels of learning through specialized courses including:

Recent Productions

  • The Tempest  (a Middle and Upper School joint production)
  • Radium Girls (performed as a radio show during COVID-19 stay-at-home order)