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Visual Arts

I was never really into creating art and struggled to find inspiration. However, after the first day of class, I completely fell in love with it! Each and every day I looked forward to drawing class, and I've become a more well-rounded person because of it.” –UPrep student

UPrep's Visual Arts students engage in a wide variety of processes and media to create increasingly conceptual and complex visual works as they progress through various courses.

Our Visual Arts teachers value the development of skills, visual problem solving, and experimentation. The emphasis of UPrep’s studio program is connecting the artistic experience to movements in social justice, identity development, and individual creative voice.

I want my students to see that art exists in so many places that they might not notice, like in their clothing and their phones and on the album covers of the music that they stream." –UPrep Art Teacher

UPrep's Visual Arts Showcase

Each winter and spring, our visual arts students display their work at a Visual Arts Showcase held on campus. Watch this video recap, featuring interviews with two student artists and a teacher.


Two students hold up their paintings in the Art Studio.


A student holds up a sculpture she has made out of clay.