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I believe UPrep strikes the right balance with our athletics program. Our focus is on inclusion, and we make that a reality through our no-cut program. But, we also strive for excellence and are in it to win it. This means that we support the student who has never played a sport before, as well as the student athlete who is striving to win a state championship.” Athletic Director Rebecca Moe

UPrep's athletics program encourages our students to lead a life of learning. Our Pumas strive for personal growth and a balance of competition and inclusion. Our coaches provides support on the field/court/track and in the classroom. GO PUMAS!

With our no-cut policy, UPrep students are invited to explore a wide range of sports, even if they’ve never participated before. Our numbers tell the story: last year, 75% of our students participated on at least one of our 53 teams in soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball, baseball, track and field, tennis, and ultimate frisbee.

The Pumas have a history of success on the field and on the court. Most recently, our 2023 varsity boys tennis team won the State Championship, 2024 varsity track and field athlete Max S. was named State Champion in the 300m hurdles, our 2024 varsity girls tennis team won third place at the State Tournament, our 2024 varsity Gx Ultimate team and 2023 varsity girls soccer team competed at state tournaments.

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At UPrep, I find community in my sports teams. During volleyball this year, my team was very supportive. We made up our own cheers and would pick each other up after a mistake.” Middle School student



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Being part of UPrep’s ultimate frisbee team made me a more confident person. My coach’s leadership inspired me. He expected so much out of us—he pushed us, pushed us, pushed us, while helping shape us by recognizing our talents and areas for growth.” UPrep alum
My teammates were always there, encouraging me to be the best that I could be. And my coaches were constantly helping me to excel and improve throughout the season. They invariably found a way to make each practice fun!” –UPrep alum
UPrep varsity boys soccer players celebrate after a big win.


UPrep cross country athletes enjoy donuts after a race.


UPrep girls soccer players celebrate together after a game.


Pumas Playing On

UPrep athletes succeed on many college sports teams! Currently 40+ Puma grads are competing at the college level and beyond.