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I believe UPrep strikes the right balance with our athletics program. Our focus is on inclusion, and we make that a reality through our no-cut program. But, we also strive for excellence and are in it to win it. This means that we support the student who has never played a sport before, as well as the student athlete who is striving to win a state championship.” Athletic Director Rebecca Moe

UPrep's athletics program allows our students to strive for personal growth, promotes a balance of competition and inclusion, and provides support in and out of the classroom. GO PUMAS!

With our no-cut policy, UPrep students are invited to explore a wide range of sports, even if they’ve never participated before. Our numbers tell the story: last year, 72% of our students participated on at least one of our 53 teams in soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball, baseball, track and field, tennis, and ultimate frisbee (88% of our Middle School and 61% of our Upper School).

The Pumas have a history of success on the field and on the court. Most recently, our 2022 varsity boys soccer and baseball teams have competed at State Championship Tournaments; our 2021 varsity volleyball team received the Team Sportsmanship Award; and track and tennis together have earned 50+ medals at the State level.

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    UPrep athletes succeed on many college sports teams! Currently 40+ Puma grads are competing at the college level and beyond.