Upper School

"My teammates were always there, encouraging us to be the best that we could be. My coaches were constantly helping us to excel and improve throughout the season, and invariably found a way to make each practice fun.”                                                                                                                                                                       -Emily, UPrep Alum

UPrep's Upper School Athletics program is participation-based and each student is afforded the opportunity to be a member of a team. Last year, over 64% of our Upper School students competed for the Pumas!

Our sub-varsity teams focus on both team and player development, consistent with the goals and vision for the program/sport. Our varsity teams compete at the League, District and State-level. Varsity teams strive for excellence under the guidance of the coaching staff and in cooperation with our values of responsibility, integrity and respect. Our students, families and coaches all hold high standards for sportsmanship while still being competitive.

The UPrep Athletic program is education-based, which allows for students to strive for personal growth. In addition, the athletic experience allows students to work with a diverse group of classmates, and often foster long-lasting friendships on and off the field. Our coaching staff promotes balance and supports our athletes both in and out of the classroom. The relationships and life skills nurtured on the field and on the court are enduring – teamwork, determination, perseverance and healthy competition will serve our Pumas for years to come.

Recent accomplishments by University Prep athletic teams include:

  • Baseball - 2019 WIAA State Champions
  • Boys Tennis - 2019 WIAA 3rd Place Team Trophy, 2017 and 2018 WIAA State Team Championships, 2016 and 2017 Emerald City League Champions
  • Girls Tennis - 2019 Emerald City League Champions (first time since 1997)
  • Boys Cross Country - 2018 Emerald City League Champions (first time since 1983)
  • Coaches - 2018-19 Emerald City Coaches of the Year (Kayla Robertson - Boys Cross Country; Moses Rifkin - Girls Ultimate; Mark Ball - Girls Tennis)
  • Girls Soccer - 2017 WIAA 1A State Academic Championships
  • Boys Soccer - 2017 WIAA 1A State Academic Championships, 2018 WIAA State Quarterfinalist (overall 11th trip to State)
  • Boys Track and Field - 2016 and 2018 Emerald City League Champions, 2018 WIAA State Champion 1A in the 800m (Arie Smidt)