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Check Out the Global Online Academy Catalyst Conference and UPrep Student Work

Global Online Academy's Catalyst Conference is on, with inspiring work from 500 students, including 3 UPrep students.

Anne Bingham, Librarian and Global Online Academy Site Director

Global Online Academy (GOA) hosts a four-day online conference each spring to showcase interactive multimedia in response to this prompt: How might I use what I've learned to spark change in my community?

From April 25-29, an inspiring collection of presentations from and discussions among more than 500 students from 71 schools in 15 different countries will appear on the websiteThe keynote speakers are author/activist Chessy Prout and filmmaker Mackie Mallison, and their conversations with GOA students will appear on the conference site during the event.

Four UPrep students who are taking GOA online classes this semester are sharing their projects online.

Hanan Sherka writes about using positive psychology for youth detention prevention in Seattle and elsewhere:

Georgia Patterson posits that hospitals can make a big difference in patients' mental health by offering supportive group therapy:

Camille Neutz addresses how important it is for teachers to be knowledgeable about learning differences in order to create a positive learning environment for all:

Kenna Luebbers discusses depression and her plan to help students at school who suffer from depression through positive relationship building:

Visitors to the site give feedback and vote for award winning projects. Please show your support by clicking, clapping, choosing, cheering, commenting and coaching:

There is lots of amazing work on the conference site, and we hope that you have time to take a look.





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