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Learning to Fill Time with a New Hobby

Here's how one student dealt with boredom.

UPrep 8th grade student Wavy R. shares how art has helped her adjust to quarantine

Over the course of the pandemic, I lost the busy schedule I’ve had my whole life. I was used to dancing, practicing gymnastics, and playing volleyball multiple times every week. Since I was always busy and out of the house, it felt lonely to be forced into quarantine in my home. Learning to occupy myself with hardly any activities available was a very hard adjustment for me.

After I realized I wasn’t going to be doing anything over the summer, I looked for new hobbies. Lots of my friends were into art like drawing, painting, building, and other creative activities, so I thought I’d give art a try. I started taking a little chunk of my day to just try to doodle or draw. Some days were harder than others, but trying new mediums and techniques always kept me motivated.

I figured out that art was another way to connect with my friends, and to deal with the stress of what’s happening around the globe now. I was doing art with friends over FaceTime, sharing my love of art, and just taking a step back and relaxing. I learned that it’s a good hobby for relaxing and for getting away from your devices.

When school started in early September, I noticed that I wouldn’t have much time to draw during the day. This worried me, because I created some form of normality in my life through drawing and now this was being taken away from me—just like all the activities taken from my schedule due to the pandemic.

Soon after school began, clubs started to come into the horizon. During my first two years at UPrep, I had never joined clubs because I am studious and wanted to spend that time studying. But this year I decided to join a club because I thought it would benefit me by having an excuse to relax and have fun in the middle of my school day. It would also be nice for me to meet more people and see friendly faces I could connect with through club time. I decided that the Creativity Club would be for me. It was described as relaxing, calming, and a time to be creative during the school day, which caught my eye. It was exactly how I thought it would be and how it was described: calming, relaxing, and, also, independent. It gives me a lot of freedom to release my creativity in the middle of a stressful time, and it is nice not to think about homework and school during the weekday!

Quarantine has changed my life this year by clearing my activities and allowing me to become excited about new activities. It’s led me to find hobbies, other ways to connect with my friends, to look into cool opportunities I wouldn’t have the time for in my daily life, and also learn how to cope with boredom after not being able to continue with a life full of activities. Although nobody really enjoys being in quarantine, I think it benefits us all as a learning experience to be open and thankful for the new opportunities we now have the time to try. I encourage everyone to try and make something out of this pandemic and motivate yourself to try something new!

Wavy R., a 2025 graduate, loves to dance and does gymnastics. She loves to draw and do art; she’s interested in doing realism drawings of people, food, and animals.

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