Nine University Prep Students Named as National Merit Scholars

Anna Inghram, Bea Cappio, Michael Gary, Alcen Chiu, Ciaran Healy, Nikki Falicov, Sam Lewis, and Charlie Kaufmann were named Scholars by National Merit Corporation. Not pictured: Nathan Burke.

Kelly Herrington, Director of College Counseling and Student Services

The National Merit Corporation recognized nine University Prep seniors this month based on the scores they received on the PSAT. One student was named a Semifinalist for testing in the top 1% of test takers in Washington State. Congratulations to Ciaran Healy. Seven seniors were named Commended Scholars for receiving scores in the top 5 percent of test takers in the state. Congratulations to Bea Cappio, Nathan Burke, Alcen Chiu, Michael Gary, Anna Inghram, Charlie Kaufmann, and Sam Lewis. Nikki Falicov was named a National Hispanic Scholar, which recognizes Hispanic/Latinx students who achieve a high score along with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Congratulations to Nikki Falicov.

Here’s what the award meant to a few of the students:

Bea Cappio, National Merit Commended Scholar: "We don’t do class ranks or standardized tests at UPrep, so it’s an interesting opportunity for students to see their accomplishments in comparison to students across the state. I was surprised and excited and I called my dad because I didn’t think I was going to do well."

Nikki Falicov, National Hispanic Scholar: "I feel like it’s important to represent a community that typically goes underrepresented so students know that this is something that can happen to them. I was really, really happy about it. My brother was a National Merit Scholar. It felt nice to get an award that is different than his award and know that I’m capable in my own way."

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