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Oh, the Places Our Graduates Go!
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Forever Pumas, our graduates from the UPrep class of 2022 now attend a wide array of colleges and universities.

Oh, the Places Our Graduates Go!
UPrep’s class of 2022 matriculated at more than 45 colleges and universities

Last fall, the UPrep class of 2022 matriculated at 47 different institutions in 19 states and the District of Columbia, as well as three Canadian provinces and Ireland. Forever Pumas, they have become Jumbos at Tufts University and Bears at Washington University in St. Louis. They will wear maroon and gold at Boston College and blue and buff at George Washington University. 

The resilience and grace of this class was on full display as they diligently navigated the college process during a global pandemic. They met with 150 college representatives who visited the UPrep campus and submitted 752 applications to 168 different colleges. 

Just like Pumas before them, the class of 2022 decided to go far and wide. California (18 students) was the most popular state, followed by Washington (16 students), Massachusetts (13 students), Colorado (5 students), and New York (4 students). Twenty-six percent of the class attends small colleges with less than 5K students; 35 percent of the class attends medium-sized colleges with between 5K and 14K students; and 39 percent attend large colleges with more than 14K students. Seventy percent of our 2022 graduates attend a private college or university, and 30 percent attend a public college or university. 

Wherever they matriculated, our graduates carry with them the attributes they gained through their UPrep experience: intellectual curiosity, a desire to connect across cultures, and a passion for social responsibility. Our graduates understand their strengths, know how to actualize their dreams, and realize the power they have to create a better community for themselves and others. 

I look forward to seeing how the class of 2022 embraces challenge and thrives in an ever-changing world.  

By Director of College Counseling Kelly Herrington

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