Radium Girls Becomes a Radio Show!

Fine Arts Teacher and Theater Manager Paul Fleming, UPrep alum Shane Salk ’04, and five Upper School students turn the spring play into a radio production.

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Toby Cattolico ’04, Alumni and Advancement Associate

This spring’s Upper School production of Radium Girls* was swiftly upended by the closure of UPrep’s campus due to COVID-19. However, as they say in show business, “the show must go on!” At the end of March, Fine Arts Teacher and Theater Manager Paul Fleming reached out to UPrep alum Shane Salk ’04. Together they brainstormed ways to remotely showcase the cast’s hard work and creativity, resulting in an exciting first for the University Prep Theater Department: a radio production of a play. 

Shane was uniquely suited to help with this project—not only does he run a production company in Los Angeles with a full recording studio, he also offers voiceover classes, script analysis, and audition critique. “When I received the call from Mr. Fleming I was more than happy to help! He provided me so much support and guidance throughout high school and I felt that this would be one small way I could return the favor,” says Shane.  

Paul introduced Shane to his five student performers, and together they reviewed basic home recording techniques. Shane provided guidance as the students set up their home studios, and taught them how to use their headsets or earbuds to create a quality product.

Last month, the cast successfully completed their recordings and Shane got to work on post-production audio clean up. Working together, Shane and Paul added additional sound effects such as doorbells, echoes, and other effects to create a true radio broadcast experience.

The unique situation resulting from sheltering-in-place challenged these Upper School students to step outside their comfort zones, and they happily rose to the occasion! With the visual elements of the stage out of the picture, they dove deeply into learning about creating characters purely by voice—with much success. We are incredibly proud of how our students, Paul, and Shane worked together to pivot from an onstage production to a radio show, and we are so excited to share their final product with you!

We hope that you enjoy the radio production of Radium Girls (link below) and join us in congratulating Allison A. (11th), Eleanor K.-S. (10th), Shale Y. (9th), Talia L.(9th), and Zoe T. (9th) on their inspiring work. Directed by Paul Fleming. Post Production by Shane Salk ’04 (Shane Salk Productions, LLC).

Click here to listen to the Radium Girls Radio Show


*Radium Girls is D.W. Gregory’s gripping drama based on the true story of female laborers who were poisoned and killed by their factory’s radium-based paint. The play examines the commercialization of science, the pursuit of both health and wealth, the power of the underdog, and the fierce injustice laborers in America have faced, and may even continue to face today.

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