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Show Your Work: Student Poetry for the UPrep Community

Peruse 19 poems from the 2022 poetry intensive.

Read student works from this spring’s Creative Writing: Poetry intensive course.

By Kedzie Moe ’20, Marketing and Communications Intern

This spring, 19 juniors and seniors spent their three-week intensive taking Creative Writing: Poetry, an English-elective intensive course. Taught for the first time by English Teachers Kim Gonzales and Sean Patella-Buckley, this class explored the creative process of reading and writing poetry, experimenting with a range of subjects, styles, and approaches. Students were encouraged to take ownership over their own work by connecting with and analyzing the poetry that they produced. As an assignment for this class, each student selected one poem to share with the UPrep community. 


Ode to my Dacha

by Katrina Menshutkina

Oh, remember those times where little did matter
We’d take trains to grandma’s quaint, fable dacha
Splitting up to pick the newly fresh harvest
Reuniting to mama’s side to peel heaps of potatoes
We worked hard to prepare for the Easter day’s potluck

Oh, remember those times where little did matter
Fields stretched along the countryside’s horizon
We’d bounce balls, play with dolls, and strut through long halls
Our hearts pure and sheltered away from merciless violence
We played and pretended, filled every crevice with desire

Oh, remember those times where little did matter
We skipped through the orchards in our schoolgirl skirts
Overripe cherries stained our lips rouge
The sweet, sweet fragrance clung to our clothes
Our imaginations danced up castles like thick twines of vine



by Anonymous

And such is the nature of friendship
We cling so hard to one another,

Keeping hold of the irredeemable mess,
Afraid of life without.

It would’ve been easier to let go,
To jump rather than to fall.

To let a dying star explode in your hands
Is more painful than to relinquish your possession of it

And yet we needed each other
Until we needed too much, and fell apart.

The inevitable fractures like a shattered mirror,
Showing us ourselves within each other.

And as we picked up the pieces,
We found ourselves working the shards of glass

Into our own mosaics


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