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Statistics Intensives Challenge Yields Great Results

UPrep students worked on a team project for their Statistics Intensives that analysed a real-world issue and then compared their work to a professional.

David Peabody, Mathematics Teacher and Department Head

In the Intro to Statistics Intensive, Tammi Howe and I asked our students to collaborate in groups of three and write an article on immigration and King County.  As I had arranged, the students used the same data sources Gene Balk, the Seattle Times FYI Guy, used in his article on King County's foreign-born population, but prior to their reading it.

We then asked a panel of community judges to read the team articles and see how closely they  came to the FYI Guy's conclusions based on his clues and data sources. Evaluators read the articles, gave the students feedback, and selected the two top entries.

This activity gave students the opportunity to analyze a real-world Seattle issue directly, find the story in it, and then compare their work to a professional who uses statistics daily on a large scale!

We invite you to read the two winning articles and see what great work UPrep students do! Congratulations to First Place winners Malvika Wadhawan, Rachel Selby and Alma Zimberoff, and Second Place winners Mauricio Garcia, Camille Neutz, and Sara Braun


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