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Student-Teacher Relationships Are a UPrep Hallmark

Strong relationships between students and teachers inspire learning and ensure student success.

Matt Levinson, Head of School

One of my favorite TED Talks is “Every Kid Needs a Champion,” by longtime educator Rita Pierson. She highlights the central importance of strong relationships between students and teachers to ensure student success. At University Prep, we hold the student-teacher relationship as one of the hallmarks of our school to help inspire our students to reach their fullest potential. Her talk is just a little over seven minutes and well worth the viewing. 

A recent article by New York Times columnist David Brooks, “Students Learn From People They Love” also underscores the importance of student-teacher relationships as a core feature of a successful, healthy school community.

Brooks writes:  “...Students have got to have a good relationship with teachers. Suzanne Dikker of New York University has shown that when classes are going well, the student brain activity synchronizes with the teacher’s brain activity. In good times and bad, good teachers and good students co-regulate each other.” 

At UPrep, we are constantly working at deepening relationships between students and teachers as we believe it is a major source of inspiration for learning. 

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