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Students Reflect on Intensives

Middle and Upper School students had a lot to say about their intensive experiences. Below, here a few comments from students who took a wide range of classes.

UPrep Middle and Upper School Students

Middle and Upper School students had a lot to say about their intensive experiences. Below, here a few comments from students who took a wide range of classes. Formal surveys are still being collected from Upper School students. Middle School students have all taken the survey and talked about the first intensive term in their advisories this week.


David A.: “Engineering was fantastic. I loved it. Intensives can be draining, but our teachers made it into a really engaging class. This project-based class couldn’t be done in a regular class format. It was a great experience!”

Maggie S.: "I learned a lot, and got really good at thinking critically. I've been coming up with a lot more ideas on how to fix and improve random things since I took the class!"


Rowan F.: “I dreaded the idea of sitting in a room for six hours, but it’s been really enjoyable. With breaks you can remain focused. I like how we had field trips for inspiration, and that we were able to choose our own path after getting some pretty broad suggestions. The intensive really favors painting. You can juggle multiple paintings at once, and you have time to really explore.”

Hanan S.: “We had a good balance of research, technique, and hands-on time. That and being able to apply what you learned and more time to experiment with different things. Also the dynamic is better for getting to know your fellow students. I’ve gotten to know people from other grades. We talk to each other.”

Sixth Grade Spanish Immersion

Gavin D.: "It was fun to have one class because we did different activities and it seemed like we had multiple classes. I really liked the field trips and learning about Spanish culture."

Lifetime Activities

Asa D.: “It was pretty fun. It was nice to have the whole day to go out on field trip and not miss any classes.”

Cynthia X.: “I needed a PE credit and was worried about doing that much exercise in a day. It was rough at first, because I was working out the whole day. But it was good to get out and have a longer time to engage in activities.”


Ben R.: “It was a good option for this class since it was project based.  We had time to apply more things, like how you take a good sample, so I think we learned a lot. It was very refreshing, and low stress. There should be more core classes offered during Intensives because it takes the pressure off of the semester. I really enjoyed it.”

Turning Pages

AJ R.: “I can focus for long periods, so this works for me. I’ve been able to fully concentrate on making three highly precise books, which I couldn’t have done in a one-hour class, and it was nice to have time for field studies.”

Confucius, K-Pop: East Asia Changes the World

Thomas N.: “Intensives work really well when they have been really well planned like this one. I really enjoyed going off campus. Seattle is a really big place and there is a lot to explore.”

John H.: “I enjoyed the intensive. It was easier for me academically because I could just focus on one class, but I did leave the day feeling more worn out than on a regular day. “

Project Science

Abby H.: “It’s a nice break and a change of pace. It’s an experience that I could try that I wouldn’t take during the year.”

January LaunchPad/Intensive

Ailey B.: “I liked the option of doing LaunchPad in January because there is a spring intensive that I really want to do. My LaunchPad with the Seattle Police Department was a blast and I made really good contacts.”

Global Link/Tema de Justicia Social en Colombia

Jake Z.: “It was a great program and I got a lot of practice in oral comprehension. It was also nice to get a Spanish credit while going on Global Link.”

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