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Thirteen UPrep Students Named as National Merit Commended Scholars

Some of the students recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation share what the award means to them. 

Congratulations to seniors who are being recognized for their PSAT scores

This month, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation recognized 13 University Prep seniors for the scores they received on the PSAT. All of the students are being honored as National Merit Commended Scholars, which means they scored in the top five percent of all test takers nationwide. Congratulations to Theo B., Andrew B., Harrison B., Rowan F., Abigail H., Lucia M., Jack N., Matthew S., Raj S., Aleksandr S., Gediminas W., Olivia W., and Andrew Y.

Here’s what the award means to some of the students:

It was a nice surprise. I am happy to be recognized with my peers. My teachers and parents have always been supportive, and they have always encouraged me to work hard and do my best.” –Jack N.

I am proud to be a Commended Scholar, but I also know that test scores aren't everything. I worked hard and took a lot of practice standardized tests, so it feels rewarding to be recognized. I am grateful to my parents for helping me out with the standardized testing process and supporting me along the way.” –Theo B.

Winning this award was an unexpected achievement for me. I did spend time working on test-taking efficiency. It’s great to see how my practice paid off, and I’m so thankful for the people that supported me along the way. Timing on the math section was one of my biggest struggles, and I owe many thanks to my amazing math teachers here at UPrep who have helped me improve. My parents have also played a big role in my academic success, and they inspire me to pursue intellectual challenges with an open mindset.” –Olivia W.

I feel proud to have won this award because I put in a lot of hard work. I had a goal of doing well on the PSAT and the SAT and I'm pleased to receive this recognition.” –Raj S.

While winning an award isn’t everything, it does feel good, and it means a lot to me to know that my hard work does get recognized. –Aleksandr S.

Getting this award feels good and I'm proud of junior me for doing this. It was a pleasant surprise finding out that I had gotten this.” –Andrew Y.

Receiving the recognition also felt reassuring of how much I am learning at UPrep. I participated in the weekly prep classes and took a practice test on my own. UPrep’s PSAT preparation class was far more effective than just buying a test prep book because the teacher gave me specific feedback on the questions I answered incorrectly. Further, having a weekly class with my peers motivated me to start studying much earlier than I otherwise would have, which ultimately paid off.” –Andrew B.

“I'm both proud and surprised. My teachers taught me well enough for me to succeed on the PSAT, and my parents pushed me to take the opportunities my teachers presented.” –Harrison B.

While I don’t believe that test scores define us by any means, receiving this recognition still makes me proud. I think that the skills—such as reading comprehension and math—I have accrued in my UPrep classes helped me on the PSAT.” –Abby H.

By Director of College Counseling and Student Services Kelly Herrington


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